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Jens Fuge, born in 1963, a „jeans and sweater kind of guy“ (Die ZEIT) from the Leipzig working class quarter Lindenau. At the age of 15 he hopped on a 50-ccm-moped for the first time in his life and used to cruise around even in the deep of winter. It took him a while before he came to writing. Althoug he reported as a so called „people’s correspondent“ for the „Leipziger Volkszeitung“ as a journalist for
second-division soccer he was told by his sport’s editor in chief that it was all about a political issue and not only sports. So he decided against he studies of the socialistic journalism and preferred to become a steel building fitter with the „VEB Schwermaschinenbau S.M. Kirow“. Later he constructed elevators, became an ardent admirer of the soccer club Chemie Leipzig and produced illegal fanzines.

This again ended his career as “peoples’ correspondent” and he nearly was put into jail. Later he invited a fan club from the West to come to the GDR. They got busted, the visitors from the West were refused entry to the GDR and the 22 year old Fuge submitted a departure request. Jobs as shaft lathe operator, dish washer, janitor, craftsman and Easter 1989 departure to the FRG after four years of waiting.

In Karlsruhe: elevator mechanic, machine fitter, package deliverer, soccer reports for a small newspaper. However, finally journalist over night! This was the hour of lateral recruits. Leipziger Tageblatt, BILD Stuttgart, reporter for the Soccer League “Bundesliga”. He was in charge of the Karlsruher SC, was chummy with any Megastars. But when it turned out that there was a sports reporter too many in Stuttgart Fuge returned to Leipzig.
There he founded in 1993 his own enterprise “Westend-Presseagentur” which produced inserts and advertising papers. The outsourced Ltd.Co. Dealt with Public Relations and soon reached the top 40 of the German agencies. Orders: advertisement for Olympia, city marketing, big sport events. Fuge published eight sports books.

2009 he backed out of the business and concentrated on journalism hardly ever separated from his Harley Davidson. Full-page reports in the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” as well as in the “Süddeutsche Zeitung”, report sequels in “11 Freunde” as well as in his new core paper “BikerNews” followed. The world of the bikers and motorcycles is his world, the dedication to Gonzo-Journalism in its purest form is exactly his way.

Contact: backroad-diaries@web.de

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